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Because SLO County was not able to identify the source of needed funding to restore the Vet’s Hall, a Restore the Cayucos Vet’s Hall Committee was formed to help overcome that hurdle and to do what we can to make the rebuilt Hall a 1st class venue and community center.


As we showed by raising nearly $1M to help rebuild the Cayucos pier, partnerships between SLO County government and Cayucos community organizations are a proven and essential strategy for successfully completing expensive projects.  Inspired by that success, the Restoration Committee, made up of ​made up of various Cayucos organizations, have pledged to raise a minimum of $500,000 (and hopefully more) to help ensure that the Hall is a first-class venue on into the distant future.


Toni LeGras

Visitor Advocate

Breck Smith

Cayucos Lions Club

Carol Kramer

Cayucos Lioness Club

Mary Bettencourt

Community Member

Janet Arnold

Cayucos Senior Citizens Club

Sherry Sim

Rotary Club of Cayucos

Greg Bettencourt

Community Member

Doug Hendry

Community Member

Louisa Smith

Cayucos Historical Society