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  • How can I donate to Restore Cayucos Vet’s Hall?
    1. DONATE ONLINE at the secure The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County website (EIN #77-0496500). 2. PRINT + MAIL donation form and your check. 3. For stock transfers and other specific questions call The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County at 805 543-2323.
  • Why did we raise money for this project? Shouldn’t the county or state simply fund this project?
    It is the County’s responsibility, and as of October 2022, they have committed money to the restoration. The Committee was formed in August 2021 and committed itself to raising funds for several reasons. The first was to convince the Supervisors to fund the project. We continue to fundraise after that positive County decision in order to provide furnishings and amenities that construction funds will not provide. Donated funds will also ensure that the Hall remains an accessible venue for local civic organizations by supporting funding.
  • Why are we still raising money for this project if reconstruction has been funded?
    The Committee has already pledged $435K (about 90% of donations received) to help pay for construction costs. However, construction funds DO NOT pay for all furnishings and equipment. The Committee is committed to making sure the Hall’s furnishings and amenities are as functional and appealing as the building itself. Donated funds will also help ensure that the Hall remains an accessible venue for local civic organizations.
  • What will the donated money be spent on?
    The Committee used the community’s generosity to successfully lobby the Board of Supervisors. We have already pledged $435,000 to help pay for construction. We will use all remaining money to provide necessary equipment and amenities (e.g. a portable stage, a sound system, other important furnishings) and to press the case that the Hall remain affordable for local organizations.
  • The Vets Hall closed in 2016 – why has it taken so long and costs so much?
    The restoration project was fundamentally complicated and prolonged by a long list of unique factors: ownership by State Parks; location on the beach; historical significance; and the lack of County funds to finance restoration. But, the single biggest factor is that in the post-covid economy, the construction bids were literally twice as much as the estimates completed in 2018. Originally, $4,500,000, it is now $9,500,000.
  • Now that the Board of Supervisors has voted to fund the restoration, how long will it be until it opens?"
    If reconstruction begins spring of 2022, the Hall could be completed by sometime in 2024.
  • Why can’t we use some of the extra money pier money?
    Pier donations were solicited for and donated to the express purpose of rebuilding the pier. It would be illegal -and unethical- to spend it for anything else.
  • Didn’t the Lions Club already raise a bunch of money for the Hall selling plaques?
    The Lions have raised about $100K with the stated purpose of helping furnish the Hall when it’s completed. The money raised by the Restoration Committee will be used for furnishings as needed; making debt service easier; and increasing the likelihood of receiving additional grants.
  • If rents from the Hall are going to pay off the bond/loan, are local organizations going to have higher or unaffordable rents?"
    One of the fundraising committee’s goals is to work with the County to gain a lower use-rate for local organizations. The County has indicated their intent to set up such a fee schedule, understanding the importance of the Hall to the Cayucos community and the strong support the community has shown.
  • Who is going to be managing the building? Will the Lions Club continue to manage the building?
    San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation will manage reservations and receive rents. How the Lions or other community groups will be involved will be sorted out during the building process.
  • What can I do besides donate to help get the Hall rebuilt?
    At this point, your donation is plenty. But certainly, contact us if you have any questions.
  • Will my donation be tax-deductible?
    Yes, donations are tax deductible as the Committee is partnering with The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County a 501(c)3.
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