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The Vet’s Hall was essentially closed to the public in 2016.  The County, working to restore the Hall, reached out to the Cayucos community for assistance. The Restore Cayucos Vet’s Hall Committee was formed in August 2021 and is made up of representatives from various organizations in Cayucos. The committee’s primary goal was to convince the SLO County Board of Supervisors to help fund and approve the restoration, and to help furnish the building. The Cayucos Vet’s Hall is, after all, the social, economic and historic heart of Cayucos. On October 4, 2022, the Board unanimously approved funding. Thanks in large part to our community-wide efforts, the County now has the $11M necessary to rebuild the Hall. View the architectural drawings of the beautiful and dramatically improved Vet’s Hall here.


After an emotional roller-coaster ride of anger and disappointment; elation, shock, and worry; and ultimately, relief and joy, we finally know that the Vet’s Hall will be restored and that the massive restoration project will begin before the end of 2022. The Hall should be open for use in 2024. Since its abrupt closure in 2016, efforts to restore it were continually complicated by a long list of unique factors.   These include: its ownership by State Parks; its location on the beach; its historical significance; the lack of County funds to finance restoration; and finally construction bids which came in more than twice the anticipated cost ($9.5M versus $4.5M).


In September 2022 the County finished securing the needed funds which come from these sources:

$471K County funds; $3.55M County bond; $1.93M State aid; $1M State Veteran Affairs; $60K Cayucos tourism board; $4.43K State Resources Agency; $345K Coastal Conservancy; $705K State Parks; $50K District 2 Supervisor fund; $435K Restore Vet’s Hall Committee.


Our intent is to make good on our promise and ensure that when the Hall opens, it will be fully outfitted to be a first-class facility that serves the needs of the community, while generating the necessary income to pay the loan and fund short and long-term maintenance. As a popular, beautiful, and purposely-designed beach-front venue, the Committee hopes to maximize its potential by making certain that the Hall’s furnishings and amenities are as functional and appealing as the building itself, yet still ensure it is an affordable venue for local organizations. This is where you come in, as public donations are needed.


Please join your friends and neighbors in making a donation to the Vet’s Hall Restoration Fund. All funds will be placed in that designated account and will be used exclusively for the Hall. Please know that donations are tax deductible thanks to the Committee’s partnership with The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County, a 501c3.

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