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The Restore Cayucos Vets Hall Committee’s goal is to do everything we can do to get the Hall restored as a 1st class community center and venue. The first half of that goal has been achieved. The County voted to fund the restoration of the Vet’s Hall on November 16! Hoorah!


We now need to shift focus to achieve the second part of our goal. Frankly, the $340K we’ve raised isn’t enough to achieve that goal. The $3.5M funding package pays for the restoration but not new furnishings to replace the heavily used ones in storage since the closure. Nor is the money donated so far sufficient to guarantee that the rent schedule will make the Hall truly accessible for local service organizations. Please donate or honor your commitment now.


Funding secured

for building reconstruction


Needed for furnishings, amenities and ensuring local access

Learn More about the Restoration

Learn what the County’s $3.5M bridge loan pays for and what it does not pay for, and how our community effort will supplement those government dollars and support community usage.


About Your Donation

The Cayucos Vet’s Hall needs your support.  If you’ve made a commitment now is the time to honor it.  If not, please donate now.

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Help us keep demonstrating to County Parks and Recreation that we deserve significantly lower rates for community service organizations and help us provide the necessary furnishings to make the Hall the best it can be.

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061720 Cayucos Vets Hall EXH_2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the restoration project here.

Get to Know Us

The Restoration Committee is made up of representatives of various Cayucos organizations.